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When you experience issues with your Windows PC, you want a qualified and experienced computer expert to solve them for you quickly.

From very basic to the most complicated technical issues, WindowsPCSupport.Net will diagnose the entire scope of the problem; not just the single point of issue. With our “QS” Quick-Support Remote Service, we can literally come to you, and will have your system running safer and faster than when it was new.

Security Tools

Free Software

Recommended Applications For a Fully Optimized & Secure Computing Environment

Identity Theft

Identity Fraud Reports Increased by More Than a Million Last Year

Password Security

Strategies for Creating Secure Passwords

Rootkit Removal

Rootkit Detection and Removal for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.0/8.1

Security Alerts

To prevent infections, you must embrace anti-malware deficiencies and take more personal responsibility.

Child Safety Online

The Internet can give identity thieves, hackers, and scammers online access to your computer, financial and personal information and more.

Bogus Tech Support

How to Recognize and Avoid Bogus Tech Support Calls

Wi-Fi Security

Public Wireless Networks Attract Data Thieves

“I’m an IT consultant who has worked with Jeff Meyers for many years. Jeff is persistent at troubleshooting and solving problems with PCs, and adept at finding tools and utilities to aid in preventing and solving PC issues. I highly recommend Jeff as the “go-to-guy” for anyone needing a Windows PC support specialist.”

Rick Joyce, MCP, MCSE, SBSC
Joyce Network Services

If your PC or laptop has become infected with viruses and spyware, or you’re having difficulty opening your Internet browser, and being sent off to strange websites, WindowsPCSupport.Net can help. Our experienced technicians will quickly identify and remove all adware, spyware and virus, thoroughly clean, secure your Internet connection against hackers and cyber-thieves, and optimize (“super-tune”) your PC in one visit, leaving you with a much faster running computer.

We can help!

  • Secure Remote Repairs from the Comfort of Your Home

  • Same Day Service: No Taking Your PC to the Repair Shop

  • Most Repairs Completed within 2-4 Hours

  • Learn How to Protect Your Data and Maintain Your PC for Optimum Performance

  • Remove Virus, Adware, Keyloggers and Spyware Infections

  • Eliminate Random Website Redirects

  • Speed-up Boot and Shutdown Times

  • Secure and Speed Up Your Internet Connection

  • Diagnosis and Repair Software Issues

WindowsPCSupport.Net focuses on one thing, Windows system optimization and Internet security that completely protects your hardware, data, assets and online identity from hackers, thieves, cyber-criminals, keyloggers and malicious software.

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WOW, Jeff Meyers! He cured the 'BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH' problem I was having for the past two weeks, and my computer works like it was reborn! Jeff worked wonders for me and even set up some really good programs to get me going. I've purchased several of those 'fake' cleaning programs you read about and none of them ever worked. Jeff is a miracle worker and had my computer fixed in no time. Hats off Jeff Meyers, my new found computer guy!

Joe Gasparre, III, Statesville, NC, Pro Cash System

I have used other online and local guy's to repair my computer, however none have measured up the service that Jeff has provided. Jeff has gone above and beyond what would be considered adequate to resolve my problems and he didn't try to prolong time just to pick up a few extra bucks like some companies do.

J.C. McEver, Winder, GA, Novelty Teeshirts & Gifts

Working with Jeff is a totally positive experience! He's not only very expert at PC care configuration and security but goes the nine yards and beyond to get the job done right as if working on his own computer. Jeff's a gem in my book!

Bruce Becvar, Livingston, MT, Shining Star Music


“WindowsPCSupport.NET is the only PC repair company endorsed by the Child Safety Network.”

Ward Leber, Founder