What Others Are Saying…

“WOW, Jeff Meyers! He cured the ‘BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH’ problem I was having for the past two weeks, and my computer works like it was reborn! Jeff worked wonders for me and even set up some really good programs to get me going. I’ve purchased several of those ‘fake’ cleaning programs you read about and none of them ever worked. Jeff is a miracle worker and had my computer fixed in no time. Hats off Jeff Meyers, my new found computer guy!”

Joe Gasparre, III, Statesville, NC, Pro Cash System

“From a satisfied customer! Jeff Meyers is an honest individual. This is the first positive quality I noticed about him, among many other good attributes. When you get to my age, you have had exposure to many people and certain traits stick out, loud and clear. Just being alive for 85 years gives one a certain amount of wisdom about people. But this is not about me; it’s about getting your computer fixed. When Jeff tells you to do something with your computer, listen carefully. He is frank and forthright, and he knows what he’s doing. The bottom line is he will find your problem and more. He will save you time, trouble and money, and you will learn more operational tricks than you ever knew were possible. As you would expect from my description above, Jeff is not mealy mouth about any subject within his expertise; he tells it like it is without frills, and if there is a way to fix it, Jeff can and will do it. By the way, his services are affordable as well as quality oriented. Be smart, and get the best by hiring Jeff Meyers and WindowsPCSuppor.Net!”

– Robert C. Ryals, Jr., President & Broker, Lake Worth, FL
Equine Properties of Florida, LLC

“I have used other online and local guy’s to repair my computer; however none have measured up the service that Jeff has provided. Jeff has gone above and beyond what would be considered adequate to resolve my problems and he didn’t try to prolong time just to pick up a few extra bucks like some companies do.”

J.C. McEver, Winder, GA
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“After reading several of the glowing reviews of the excellent work that Jeff Meyers had accomplished with fixing people’s computer issues, I wondered what I could possibly add that hadn’t been said already. Just one fix-it session with Jeff at the helm and you quickly realize he is a man of much integrity of character, and he knows his trade very well. In fact, if he comes across something that stumps him for a bit, he will go the extra mile in trying to figure it out. I feel very grateful and appreciative in having him as someone I can call on whenever I need him. This gives me peace of mind that my PC is in good hands. Thank you my dear friend. You are such a blessing!”

Carol Griggs, Somerset, KY

“Working with Jeff is a totally positive experience! He’s not only very expert at PC care configuration and security but goes the nine yards and beyond to get the job done right as if working on his own computer. Jeff’s a gem in my book!”

Bruce Becvar, Livingston, MT
Shining Star Music

“Thank you for your recent tech support on my Mac. I realize this is not your area of expertise, but you took the time to consult with TCM Consultants in San Diego, CA to help diagnose the problem. We tried a few “fixes” and finally got to the malware problem. Also, thank you for suggesting Foxfire as a browser. I can tell significant search superiority over the Safari application I was using. Thanks for your support, and for that of your Mac consultant. I’m back up and running!”

Dave Henry, Tulsa, OK
Henry Design & Construction

“I want to thank Priceless Possibilities and the Power Lead Systems for introducing me to Jeff Meyers. I was in need of a computer technician to help me set up my PLS web page. It didn’t take Jeff long to realize what a mess my computer was in, and he then proceeded to solve many problems I was not even aware I had. We spent a few hours cleaning, optimizing and repairing my Windows operating system before we could even think about setting up my web page.

Jeff is very knowledgeable, meticulous, patient and professional, and has many years of experience in his field. I have hired other PC technicians in the past and been ripped off by most of them. Since meeting Jeff, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. He can do anything you ask of him, and he will do it at a reasonable price. My computer now runs like it did when it was brand new. I will never hire anyone else to repair my computer … period!”

Art Kenth, Racine, WI

“Just say ‘YES’ to Jeff! You are a ‘WIZARD’! My computer use to take several minutes to load but now it loads in a matter of seconds. Jeff, you are a true computer ‘GURU’ who can solve any PC problem. I really appreciate your work ethic, honesty, and for being a man of your word. Thank you for fixing my laptop and my wife’s desktop. She’s really happy now that she can work on her computer without any problems. I’m going to recommend you to my family members, and to all of my friends. Keep up the good work!”

Morris Gantt, Columbia, S.C.

“I recently used Jeff Meyers, owner of www.WindowsPCSupport.net, to repair my computers, and I HIGHLY recommend his services. Jeff got both of my computers running a lot faster, cleaned up all the viruses, and installed a free program to protect me against keylogging theft. I had also been trying to send e-mail from my cell phone for months with no success, and within 10 minutes Jeff had the problem solved. He even took the time to research and send me a user manual and troubleshooting guide for my Galaxy S4 Smart Phone in case I had problems in the future. Getting this fixed has been invaluable. Jeff not only knows what he’s doing, but he did it quickly. With the highly sensitive data on my hard drive, I wouldn’t trust my computers to anyone else!”

Michael Price, Boise, ID
President and CEO

“I recently used Jeff Meyers, owner of www.WindowsPCSupport.net, to repair my computers, and I HIGHLY recommend his services. Jeff got both of my computers running a lot faster, cleaned up all the viruses, and installed a free program to protect me against keylogging theft. I had also been trying to send e-mail from my cell phone for months with no success, and within 10 minutes Jeff had the problem solved. He even took the time to research and send me a user manual and troubleshooting guide for my Galaxy S4 Smart Phone in case I had problems in the future. Getting this fixed has been invaluable. Jeff not only knows what he’s doing, but he did it quickly. With the highly sensitive data on my hard drive, I wouldn’t trust my computers to anyone else!”

Michael Price, Boise, ID
President and CEO

“Jeff Meyers is a true professional. He provided excellent service, going above and beyond the call of duty in providing support for my severely infected Windows 7 laptop; removing viruses and adding needed protection against keyloggers, cleaned the registry, updated my applications, uninstalled programs that were slowing down my computer, and helped me organize all my files.

Jeff was very meticulous and, in fact, he felt an obligation to make sure my computer was operating at optimum performance, and it’s now running like it did when it was new. Jeff’s professional experience and skill was demonstrated by using several tools in his arsenal to protect and optimize my computer’s operation system.

Jeff was diligent, patient and persistent. He not only manifests a high degree of integrity, knowledge and excellence, but he also has several years of professional experience and skills.

Jeff displayed a willingness to teach, which was especially appreciated. He never made me feel uncomfortable; I could ask him anything and he would answer in humble way, always teaching and helping me come to an understanding of the underlying issues with my laptop.

For anyone to understand and experience what I feel about Jeff, you’ll just have to see for yourself. I truly feel that Jeff is like a brother. Jeff demonstrates that he truly cares, not only about your computer, but more importantly, cares about you as a person and your well being. To be left with a feeling like that can hardly be described; there are no words in my vocabulary to describe what it was like to connect with Jeff Meyers; it was simply a blessing!

I am honored, and will always highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing Windows computer support. Jeff is honest, knowledgeable and capable of solving any issue on Windows operating systems.

Thank you for being such an awesome person. It was a pleasure working with you, not only on a professional level, but I truly believe we are developing a strong personal relationship that will last far into the future.”

Jeff Hutton, Summerfield, FL
Lead System Pro


“I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and, as you probably know, I don’t have much money to buy you a gift, but I would like to express my gratitude for the gift you gave me.

Before I got in touch with you, all I did was just play video games and never really had an overall plan of what I wanted to do in the future. I never realized how big the market was for computer repair and tech support. But, with newer technology, people are always going to need someone to fix their computers. I’m really interested in pursuing this as a career and it’s something I really enjoy. With the knowledge and support you’ve given me, I can say that this is a realistic goal and a dream too.

You really showed me the ropes and how to go about starting a computer business. You expanded my knowledge of computer repair and diagnostics exponentially, and helped my brain not shut down over the summer break. You gave me life lessons and tips; things only someone could know after doing this for so long, what not to do, what to do, and the list just goes on and on. Your support and guidance was superb, and one of the best things someone could give. You really helped a brother out, and I really do appreciate it. Thanks for everything!”

Andy Leber, San Diego, CA
Student Intern, Grossmont College


“Jeff helped me with an apparent hardware malfunction on my computer. As it turned out, it was a software issue that we couldn’t resolve at that time. Jeff spent a couple of hours trying to troubleshoot the problem for me and was very polite, thorough and inventive in his approach. Though he was unable to fix the problem, he made suggestions on where I could take my computer and what I should tell the technicians. He further offered to help me with other issues I was having with the computer after I resolved the current issue. He is very keen to help out and generous with his knowledge. I highly recommend Jeff Meyers to anyone needing fast service and good solid advice on their computer issues, specifically Windows Vista operating systems.”

Dawn Erickson, Alberta Canada


“As a clinical psychologist, I need to use my computer daily for notes, claims, and research. Sometimes I think my computer has a mind of its own as it seems to break down during a significant work process. Jeff Meyers came to my rescue, upgraded my computer and it now works like new. Jeff has a combination of expertise and teaching skills that can only come from years of study and practice with us mortals. He makes himself available for consultation via email, phone, through remote connection, and personal on-site visits. I feel like I want to establish a mini-office in my home just for him! I am now able to concentrate on my work with calmness rather than agitation. I know I can count on Jeff when any computer problem occurs.”

Dr. Margo Castagna, San Diego, CA


“My father was having great difficulty seeing his computer screen because of macular degeneration. Jeff came to the rescue with a great solution; he connected my dad’s computer to his 46″ flat-screen TV. Jeff did a great job and my dad is so happy because he can now see his computer screen! Jeff also made switching between the TV and computer very easy. Jeff is amazing, clever and really knows his stuff. I’m grateful!”

Cathy Dowling, La Mesa, CA


“I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Meyers about a year ago. I had him work on my computer and have been very happy with the outcome; he took real good care of me. The price that he charges is more than fair and his work is second to none. If you need computer work, I highly recommend Jeff, so do yourself a favor and call Jeff … he’s just the best!

Gerald Frost, Topeka, KS


“I sought out Jeff’s help because I could not get rid of a particular virus and all associated pop-ups, as well as other issues. My computer was barely running. Pages would not load; emails would not work when I hit reply. Jeff captured my screen, scanned to locate the issues, and … voila … my computer was working in no time!

Although it took a couple of hours to finish the job and assure that the Toshiba laptop was running like new, it was well worth the time and money. Jeff also took the time to teach as we went. I am a computer dummy and Jeff gave me excellent advice as we went along. I truly enjoyed the experience. I learned more in two hours than I had in the previous 15 years working with computers. Jeff is a genius. Thank you Jeff!”

Larry Waltz, Ventura, CA


“I was looking for a professional IT specialist who would help me resolve an intractable problem with my laptop that had prevented me from logging onto the computer in Normal Mode for two months. I was only able to log on in “Safe Mode with Networking”, which meant that I couldn’t print documents, listen to audios or watch videos, or back-up my hard drive.

A different computer technician spent 5 hours working on my laptop before he ultimately conceded defeat. To make matters worse, my laptop manifested even worse problems following that technician’s failed attempt to fix the computer.

Eventually, I was introduced to Jeff Meyers by Thumbtack and I’m so glad that I was! I found Jeff to be a friendly, personable guy who communicates well and avoids techno-babble.

Fixing my computer’s problems was challenging but Jeff doggedly persisted in troubleshooting the issues and pursuing a solution in a logical, methodical fashion. All the while he maintained a positive upbeat attitude.

From working with Jeff closely through several tech sessions, I was impressed by the breadth of his knowledge and the depth of his expertise. Prior to meeting Jeff, I was on the verge of purchasing a new laptop so that I could abandon all the problems with my old computer.

I’m happy to report that such a drastic course of action wasn’t necessary because Jeff didn’t stop until he managed to restore my computer to “like new” operating condition.

Bottom line, Jeff Meyers delivers value and is committed to going the extra mile to satisfy his clients. His pricing is reasonable and fair. For all these reasons and more, I now regard him as my go-to computer technician and internet security specialist.

Happily, I’ve learned that Jeff Meyers is both honorable and trustworthy, and recommend him and his services without reservation.”

David Colwell, Van Nuys, CA
Golden Enterprises


The CHAI Foundation for Medical Research & Life Extension, Inc. was founded in 1999 to fund research into effective but less toxic forms of cancer therapy.

“The CHAI Foundation wishes to thank Jeff Meyers, WindowsPCSupport.net and his support staff for their excellent diagnostic, maintenance, and security repair of our Foundation’s computer. Jeff and his team were knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. And, because they offer remote technical support, we had the convenience of not having to bring in our computer for repair. Thank you for your help – it is more appreciated than you know!”

Eroca Daniel, Founder, Phoenix, AZ


“It was truly a blessing for me to meet Jeff Meyers, who was introduced to me by a friend from Memphis, TN. When I contacted Jeff about the problems I was having, he logged into my computer remotely, explained exactly what was going on and then fixed all the issues as well as addressed some problem areas I wasn’t even aware of.

Jeff was very humble, professional and patient. I have never received this kind of support from a computer technician before. From now on, Jeff is going to be my “computer guy”, and I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services. I also appreciate all the helpful information available on his website.”

Jesse Watson, La Mesa, CA


“I don’t normally write testimonials pertaining to products or services; however, I’m making an exception this time. One of the reasons is because the service I recently received is usually needed by almost EVERYONE who owns a computer and, unless they already know someone they FULLY TRUST, time and money could be wasted with possible mediocre to unsatisfactory results.

I recently had need for my computer to be worked on. I’m not speaking about not being able to see the screen or not being able to boot my computer, but rather certain issues related to everyday usage. A friend of mine introduced me to someone who works on solving computer issues remotely. I want to let you know about my experience working with this gentleman, whose name is Jeff Meyers.

I found Jeff to be a pleasure to talk to and felt that a very “Real” person was on the other end of the line, someone who genuinely cared to do his best to remedy my issues in a timely and professional manner. And that’s exactly what occurred. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Amongst other things, Jeff is qualified to work on desktops and laptops doing virus removal, PC optimization and tune-up on all Windows operating systems from XP to version 8.1. Jeff is a security specialist with information on how to keep your computer as safe as possible from possible hacking attempts. Some other areas of his expertise are listed on his website. There’s also a wealth of valuable information there, however, you don’t need to read it to take advantage of his expertise. Jeff will give you a FREE initial analysis of your computer and recommend what’s needed to fix the issue(s).

Included with his analysis (whether you decide to work with Jeff or not), is downloading a free software program that gives you an added layer of protection to keep you and your computer safe from external threats. Also, as a WindowsPCSupport.Net customer, for any future questions that arise that can be handled in a short amount of time, Jeff will NEVER CHARGE YOU. I think you get the idea. I was just as impressed with Jeff as those who wrote their testimonials.

Not only is Jeff an expert at what he does, he also appreciates his customers in ways that other company’s don’t. For example, should you have occasion to work with Jeff, and end up referring others to him, he will give you a 10% referral fee on ALL business generated from your referrals. You can use your referral fees towards future repairs or service, or Jeff will send you a check or transfer funds to you via PayPal.

If you have computer issues, and don’t already have someone you FULLLY TRUST to do good work at a reasonable price, give Jeff a call. Do yourself a favor and get to know this guy!”

Stuart Schnall, West Hollywood, CA
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Master Cash System


“You are awesome! Words can’t say enough for the gratitude and appreciation I have for you and for the incredible improvement you made with my computer. Over the years, I’ve had so much anxiety working with computers and many so-called “computer experts”. You are by far the very best I have had and I’m so very grateful. Firstly, you are very patient, an excellent teacher, methodical, and you worked on my computer as if it was your own. You are a rare breed, a professional not only excellent at your craft but also one who truly cares about your customers, a person who gives 100 % to achieve the desired results.

I learned more in our first session together than I did with all the other computer technicians I’d worked with combined. Finding you was like finding a treasure, and what’s so cool is that I’m actually excited, and feel so very good about sharing your expertise with others!

Thanks to you my fear and anxiety are gone. It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer feel like a “Techno Peasant”, and for the first time in my life, I really enjoyed leaning about computers like I’d never dreamed was possible. It was like watching the best movie I had ever seen and wanting to tell the world about it, and about you!

When you find the right person to help you, as I did with Jeff, you will not only save money and time, but your life will flow with ease, just like I’m feeling right now … OH MY!

Jeff gave my computer a thorough cleanse and “detox”, just as I do in my profession helping my clients achieve optimum health and vitality. The results were immediate; my computer runs faster, has more energy and a lot less excess garbage. I’ve finally found my “computer guy”, a conscious professional who truly cares. With appreciation and gratitude!”

David Itkov, East Wenatchee, WA
“Food to Nourish Your Body, Mind and Spirit”
Purium Perfectly Pure


“It is very rare these days to receive service that exceeds expectations. Jeff Meyers does just that, he is the best of the best. I had reached a stress point that was over the top when I was given Jeff’s number. He calmed me down in an instant; even his voice exudes confidence. He took over control of my computer remotely while I watched with amazement as he worked his magic. He worked steadily for a few hours; my computer was a mess, always calmly, while injecting his own brand of computer humor throughout. My desktop and files have never been this organized. Most importantly, I have increased speed, the issues I was experiencing are gone and we have a support plan in place so that I am always running with the optimum efficiency. Don’t wait another minute or waste another dollar, call Jeff Meyers, you will be very, very happy that you did.”

Karen Halseth, Santa Rosa, CA


“Jeff Meyers is “one of a kind”. He is a true professional, completely knowledgeable, honest and possessing a thorough knowledge of the “in’s and out’s” of PC upkeep. He can help you achieve optimum performance from your computer. I strongly recommend you contact Jeff and discuss with him all your computer issues. You will receive straight, honest and ACCURATE answers to your questions. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Mel Schilling, C.E.O., Huntingdon Valley, PA

Camelot Technology, Inc. and X-HiFi, Inc.


“After the extraordinary job you did with restoring and optimizing my very misaligned and malware-filled computer, I truly want to leave you a testimonial should you ever have the cause to use it. My computer had been seriously attacked and filled with malicious files and thousands of viral attack attempts. On top of those issues, I’m not computer savvy so therefore over time, things of no value pile into the system slowing it down and causing problems. I had it all and my business had come to a standstill. I had The Geek Squad on three separate days spend over 3 hours each time cleaning my system out and telling me all was fixed and clear. Each morning I’d get up and face more and worse attacks. I had another computer professional spend a few hours running a cleaning protocol, updating everything and still we couldn’t accomplish some of the tasks that needed to be done. You, Jeff were then suggested. We spent almost 4 hours together and you got the job done. What was extraordinary was your sharing of wisdom, explaining what you were doing and why, engaging in warm conversation during the processing periods and never once did I feel ignorant. I found our time together to be fascinating and very educational. I’ve never learned about technology before because of the fear factor. You took that away and made our session actually enjoyable. Jeff is thorough and his fees are very reasonable. He saved my business and my sanity, because trust me, after several days of inability to do my work, the stress levels were peaking! I recommend Jeff to anybody, seasoned pro or not, to go to the best and that’s Jeff Meyers.”

Mary Valez, Novato, CA
Health Coach and Activist
Purium Health Products-Making Healthy Cool


“Thank you for cleaning up my mess. I have never had such awesome computer tech support! My computer was a wreck and running so slow that I was told a new computer was the only fix, which I was about to accept. Jeff cleaned up over 20 gigs of temporary files I had no idea were on my computer. I heard that dumping temporary files was good enough, but was I ever wrong. My desktop was cluttered with numerous images, Word and PDF icons, and Jeff organized everything into folders just like it was his own computer. Jeff also left me with a monthly maintenance plan to keep me running safe online. If you need an honest computer technician, give Jeff Meyers a call.”

Loren Tikka, Davenport, WA

 The “Mood Enhancer Guy”


“I want to share my experience about the level of professional services offered by Jeff Meyers and WindowsPCSupport.Net. I’d contacted Jeff because my computer had slowed down to the point that I was unable to use it. Jeff was able to repair and remove multiple viruses, even a keylogger virus I was unaware had infected my computer, thus saving me from the potential of having my personal information compromised. I’ve had experiences with some “less than honest” computer technicians, but Jeff was a wonder and refreshing change. He provides you with what you immediately need without all the hype and unnecessary software upgrades. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of frustration, and go with a guy and company that provides exactly what you need and not what he wants to sell you.”

Ray Garaban, Richmond, VA
Actual Results Media


“Jeff Meyers made me feel humbled and thrilled to know him. He left a positive first impression with me. Jeff is a good strategist and I was impressed with his professional attitude. Jeff is highly knowledgeable and I believe he is a man of faith—something that I particularly appreciate in a person. HUGE—20 plus years of experience in his field—and definitely a genius in computer technology, operating systems, software installations, hardware, and virus protection. Jeff is a ‘gold mine’, a commodity that’s hard to come by, and one that should be treasured and respected. I am a retired business owner and I sure wish I had found an asset such as Jeff for my operation.”

Steve Steve Ozsvath, Vancouver, WA


“What a blessing it was for me to be connected with Jeff Meyers when I needed my ‘ole’ computer cleaned up and repaired. Jeff did an excellent job of explaining what was needed to fix my computer. He was so diligent and extremely patient and persistent in getting the job done. Jeff’s high degree of integrity, knowledgeable skills and his willingness to teach were especially appreciated. Thank you Jeff for being such a pleasure to work with.”

Roxanne Brasfield, Vancouver, WA


“I highly recommend Jeff Meyers’ services for your computer repair. My 7 year old HP was a total mess (according to Jeff a “train wreck”). He indicated he had never seen an invasion of viruses as bad as the attacks on my computer, and it appeared there was little hope in restoring it to working order. Yet, he never gave up (when others would have) and persisted until he found the source of all the destruction, and in a week my computer was back running as if new. Jeff is a true wizard. He goes above and beyond with his expert help, and his prices are extremely fair and very reasonable. I am extremely happy and grateful.”

Bonnie Freedensborg, El Cajon, CA
Unity of El Cajon


“Recently, I had some horrendous home computer challenges. A friend of mine recommended a computer “fix-it-guy” by the name of Jeff Meyers. He worked out my glitches smoothly, patiently and competently over the phone taking control remotely on my PC. Thanks to Jeff, I am back online. I found him to operate with a high degree of integrity as well.”

Ray Beiter, San Diego, CA


“Jeff Meyers is the real deal. After meeting Jeff in the local community, I had recently had a computer virus and Jeff was more than willing to lend a helping hand. He knew exactly how to fix my problem fast and efficiently. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs it. Thanks Jeff!”

Aaron Schuller, San Diego, CA
Seacret Direct
Minerals From the Dead Sea


“I am an IT Consultant who has worked with Jeff Meyers for many years supporting the IT infrastructure at the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego. During that time, Jeff had the responsibility of supporting the users and PCs, while I supported the servers. Jeff is a hard worker who is persistent in troubleshooting and solving problems with PCs. In addition, he is adept at finding tools and utilities to aid in preventing and solving PC issues. I highly recommend Jeff as the “Go-to-Guy” for anyone needing a Windows-based PC Technical Specialist.”

Rick Joyce, MCP, MCSE, SBSC, San Marcos, CA
Joyce Network Services


“When I first met Jeff Meyers through a business partnership we created, little did I know he had an Internet-based computer repair and optimization business. My computer had been running erratically for some time, and I was just about to hire someone when Jeff mentioned that he could provide the services I was looking for. I’m very glad I used Jeff to repair, optimize and secure my computer against online threats; it now runs like it did when I first bought it. Not only can you not beat his service, but you can’t beat his price!”

Dennis Hampton, Wildomar, CA
DS Domination
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“I just had a wonderful experience with Jeff Meyers. He provides a level of support far above and beyond what I had expected. He responded to my concerns very quickly and that means a lot to me. Jeff was courteous and conscientious, and got my business back online in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who needs a technician who really knows what he’s doing. Jeff takes great pride in his work, is cheerful, enthusiastic and positive, and he gets the job done!”

Terry L. Allen, President, Wenatchee, WA
Marketing Concepts Unlimited


“While acting as the Executive Director of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (2001-2012), I am pleased to say that I have known and worked closely with Jeff for over ten years. I am happy to recommend Jeff as a person who is not only honest, but has always performed “above and beyond” the call of duty to fulfill his responsibilities, whether dealing with emergency situations on the staff’s computers, ensuring that the company’s data and application servers were always functioning properly, or developing and uploading content to the Association’s website.

For issues beyond Jeff’s extensive experience, he would diligently search for answers and successfully implement needed solutions in a timely manner. It is therefore my pleasure to recommend Jeff as a person who will do his utmost to resolve whatever problems you may encounter with your computer.”

Ronald C. Hendrix, Ph.D., Escondido, CA
Parkinson’s Association of San Diego


“I am happy to recommend WindowsPCSupport.Net and Jeff Meyers to anyone looking for an honest, knowledgeable, diligent and reasonably priced individual for repairing your computer. Jeff was able to remove viruses from my computer that other so-called ‘computer-savvy’ people couldn’t.”

Keith Babcock, Spring Valley, CA
Unity of El Cajon


“I was having an awful time with my computer, taking 5-7 minutes to boot. Jeff optimized my system and now it takes under a minute to boot. I highly recommend Jeff for any of your computer problems.”

Sal Pardo, Santee, CA
Unity of El Cajon


“My computer was suffering from the ‘7-Year Glut’, full of useless data and residual programs, and so bloated that it ran at about 2 bytes/minute. My computer now runs as it did when it was new. Your service was prompt, attentive, effective and fairly priced. I am pleased to recommend you.”

Richard Lane, Rancho Vista, CA
Parkinson’s Association of San Diego


“Rarely have I seen an individual with Jeff’s wide array of skills; sales and marketing, customer service, business administration, and computer information systems. More importantly, Jeff is a man of character and personal integrity matched by few. His sensitivity to the needs of his customers puts him in a class by himself. Anyone able to retain the professional services of Jeff Meyers is fortunate indeed!”

Ken Lancaster, San Diego, CA
Freedom Mortgage & Loan


“Jeff has been a godsend here at church and to me personally. What’s so wonderful for me is that he can work remotely.”

Rev. Sharon Connors, Solana Beach, CA
Unity of El Cajon


“I have used Jeff Meyers to manage the security and optimization of my computer for the past year, and I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable, provides a high level of attention, and is extremely honest in his dealings. For example, he never charges me for the time it takes him to research a product I need, or to find answers to my computer problems; he only charges for the time it takes to implement solutions, and at a very fair price.”

Heidi Wolin, La Mesa, CA
Unity of El Cajon


“I was having nothing but problems with my computer when Jeff Meyers was recommend to me by a friend. He saved me by optimizing the performance of my computer and connects with me remotely when a problem arises that I’m unable to repair. I don’t panic now when something goes wrong, I just contact Jeff.”

Ginger Allen, San Diego, CA
Cambodian Village Fund

Thumbtack 2015 Award Winner
“Best Computer Repair Services in San Diego”


Congratulations! WindowsPCSupport.Net is ranked as one of Thumbtack’s Best of 2015 in the Computer Repair Category as a result of your great customer reviews. This is a terrific vote of confidence from your customers in the past year—and we’re proud to prominently feature your business on the Thumbtack website.

Marco Zappacosta, CEO

“Service with Integrity at A Fair Price”

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